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Why us ?

Independent + Integrated


Although VANDENBULKE Corporate + Trust is an integrated department of VANDENBULKE Law firm, it also functions as a truly independent corporate services provider, able to work in full cooperation with external firms and advisors. The Corporate and Trust department is specifically designed to respond to the needs of institutional, professional investors an advisors in search of experts in international corporate and trust services. 


VANDENBULKE Corporate + Trust is fully integrated as a department of VANDENBULKE Law firm, whose knowledge and expertise focuses on legal practices which are paramount for Luxembourg as an international financial centre: Corporate, Banking, Finance and Tax.

As such, VANDENBULKE Corporate + Trust has always access to an extensive knowledge base in corporate, tax and related legal matters, permanently updated with the most recent developments in each matter.


The firm is an uncontested forerunner of a new generation of Luxembourg law firms based on creative organization, leading-edge technology, cost efficient services and pragmatic expertise.

LUXEMBOURG: an international company hub

Luxembourg, a founding member of the European Union.  During the 20th century, it evolved from an agrarian society into a manufacturing and services economy. With a financial services industry that accounts for about one-third of GDP, Luxembourg is one of the world's wealthiest countries. In addition to being Europe's principal centre for mutual funds and a major force in the banking and insurance industries, it is an ideal location for information technology companies which can rely on a skilled workforce and well-developed infrastructure.​

"Luxembourg provides a large spectrum of legal structures which allows investors to achieve solutions unmatched in other EU countries."

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